“Titan’s Stream of Consciousness” (Biennial of the Americas 2015)

by Molina Speaks

(These poetic ramblings were scribed en route to and during space age conversations about art, science and technology.  Molina was commissioned as the live poetic scribe of the Biennial of the Americas 2015.)

What is this “Biennial” business?
I keep hearing?
Is it about Art?
Is it about Music?
Business?                 Conspiracies?

Spectators speculate
about the spectacle Now downtown.

What is a “Biennial”? and
What is “America” beyond the United States?

Most are just along for the ride
and I can dig it.

I ride my wave of unstandardized time
in my Lyft
back to the “Pavilion” in Rush Hour
reflecting back all these rushed hours
and how the last minute Lyft saved me from biking down-pouring rain
but then nearly made me late to my date
with the mic and the trumpet
watching traffic trickle down the gentrifying streets
of Denver’s first monsoon season.


The Planet is Warming and the Weather is Changing.
Millennials, what are YOU going to do about it?
The Tech Industry wizards say that YOU are the answer.
But no hologram machine can give me back the time I lost to it today
or the 10,000 species we have lost to the Oil and Technology booms
so 1 billion cars can go Vroooooom
So that mechanized time can go


I’m back up in the mix
In front of Satellite Screens
thought-skipping over memes
on Titan, Saturn’s moon, walking through random cloud drawings
of some Thought Leader’s Universe,

  duck duck goose
  i choose
  for the moment
  to ride the caboose

Busting off letting loose with the words
What could be better than a Poet from the curb
getting paid Now just to serve you
a blessing to have the chance to color your Edges
on this dazzling dance towards imminent death,
planting seeds in your quick steps
that you might resurrect
any day at any time to remind you
that Life

is a miraculous Gift.