What The TheloniUs


Thelonious Monk inspired scores of jazz and hip hop legends, but in his time he was that artist who contemporaries thought was crazy because he did things his way. They didn’t know if he was garbage or genius. History has proven Thelonious a complicated and brilliant visionary. His rhythms, patterns and textures continue to inspire musicians and poets alike. We are TheloniUs when we are not afraid to be ourselves, regardless of whether people “get it.” We are TheloniUs when we take what is old and make it new with our own original wild style. #WhatTheTheloniUs is a journey through jazz and lyrical improvisation.

Concept by Molina Speaks
Produced by Diles for Visceral View Entertainment

Vocals performed by Molina Speaks and guest emcees
Beats and Mixes by Diles
Mastered by DJ Icewater

1. #WhatTheTheloniUs features guest vocals by Ill Seven and Yuzo Nieto on Saxaphone. Written, recorded and improvised start-to-finish to Diles beat in a two-hour studio session at Dryer Plug Studios, October 2014.

2. #Check features guest vocals by Mike Wird, Asia Fajardo on Saxaphone, and Chris G on Flute. Written, recorded and improvised from scratch including beat in a two hour studio session at Cherry Sound Studios, February 2014.

3. #TimePiece features Randy Runyan on Trumpet. Written, recorded and improvised start-to-finish to Diles beat in a two-hour studio session at Dryer Plug Studios, August 2014.

4. #Hustle features Joshua Trinidad on Trumpet. Horns recorded at the end of #WhatTheThelonius session at Dryer Plug Studios, lyrics written in a 30-minute stream-of-consciousness session on a Wednesday morning at sunrise, then recorded in a 90-minute studio session at Late Nite Studios.

Molina Speaks - What The Thelonius

Ten Reasons I’m Unfamous

Dope intro track to #GreenChileInTheAir Vol 3 by Diles and Anacron.

A couple lines I like from this unapologetically unfamous track:

Ya like “don’t forget us when you blow up” / Then you forget my shows and never show up…

We don’t do hype we don’t do trends, we don’t / feel like the means should bend for ends and we / kept the friends that actually notice / instead of dissin’ em for yes men that practically blow us…

There are some other gems on the project too:  Jungle One is a lyrical Beast.

**Purchase #GreenChileInTheAir3 HERE
**Don’t “Support”… Get it cuz you owe it to yourself to enjoy the best of the Southwest.

Ten Reasons I’m Unfamous:

1. I don’t do enough drugs.
2. I don’t kiss enough ass.
3. I’d rather eat the fancy food at the fancy party than act fancy.
4. I don’t smile enough at rich people.
5. I don’t have enough outbursts.
6. I don’t like having my ass kissed.
7. I like everyday people too much to play paparrazi in the sandbox.
8. I don’t wear enough clothes.
9. I wear too much clothes.
10. I’m an Artist. I will properly wait til’ I’m dead for that.



Green Chile In The Air Vol 3

Nightdreams and Daymares

This is not an album review.
Just my reflection, listening…


shooting golden arrows, vibrations tongue in cheek
karmic shine up in your head

a balance beam of light
swallowing days
under shadows we ignite seasons

up in your head
these ballots and coffin boxes
sing ballads away and away
while character assassins talk
talk away

fly by maps my own spells
i put my heart on your scales
and weigh wise cracks
against these laws
that crash skulls

up in your head, this human
plucks heart strings
playing chess
inside a music box
fuck you 

and me, i save the best
for last, lost ones just(?)
whistling away you strays
cuz one way or another we all pay
for this fame…



Felicidades to a skilled emcee, Bianca Mikahn on her new release Nightdreams & Daymares.
Happy to see her co-creating with my long-time collaborators Diles and Hakim Be.
EP mastered by my main man DJ Icewater.

- Speaks

Bianca Mikahn - Nightdreams & Daymares