The Denver Tick Talk

The Denver Tick Talk

a live scribe poem by Molina Speaks
a reflection of Bree Coco Davies’ live podcast launch
“Hello? Denver?” Are You Still There?”

walking through the eyes of time, tick tock
tick talk, people talk
gentrification now The Rhythm of the Rockies (?)
“my, how times have changed” constant.

so what’s the tick talk?
She (elder woman of color) does not feel safe,
locks and chains when you see
a certain white man coming. bulldozers,
oversized cranes and increased police presence
replace the real street tacos, abuelitas,
street gangs with hood pride,
Civil Rights and

the only Denver “natives” are Indigenous,
them and the dinosaurs.
we are speaking openly now about white folks,
or rather constructed “whiteness”(?)
recognize the tick tock because it’s timeless—
displacement of Color.

the problem is not white people.
it is white racism. period.
gentrification is the new white flight
in reverse: “New Denver”
equals new problems for the Old School still struggling.
new politics feeling old as fuck, outdated
like the 1950s,
dare I say the 1850s(?),
like the ghosts in the machine that
enslaved the human soul,
enslaved the human mind,
enslaved the human body.



is Colfax,
the outgoing bus routes, an Everyday Denver bus pass,
North and South Federal, Lowrider Sundays(!),
Tamales y Tortillas,
Colors flying high on Cinco de Mayo,
Old School Summer Days Just Cruising,
Cafe Cultura, Slam Nuba,
Green Chile, Pho, Graffiti, Murals, Punk and Hip-Hop,
Corky Gonzalez,
Opalanga Pugh,
The Chicano Movement,
Black Lives Matter,
my brothers and sisters “Queer As Fuck” and Proud To Be,
Black and Brown Children,
Blunt Smokers, Activists, Artist Collectives,
Nu Skool Policymakers, Hip Hop Congress,
B-Boys, B-Girls, Abuelitas and Mamas,
First Nations, Afros and Braids,
and yes
white folks, hipster newcomers, politicians and developers—
We are all Here.

there is so much more than this moment
and We will fight, write, speak, paint, dance and stamp ourselves
into this Future.

Denver is so many eras:
it is “Ashara Ekundayo, noise and warehouses,
Earth, Wind and Fire, India.Arie,
Phillip Bailey, Bobby Lefebre,
Coco Davies, Ru Johnson,
Sheree Lovemestiza Brown,
all of Youth On Record, Think 360 Arts and Lighthouse Writers,
it goes on and on—
we are First Fridays on Santa Fe Drive,
Street Festivals and Saturday Brunch,
Sunday Dinners on the East Side,
weddings at the Mercury Cafe…”
forgive me if I haven’t yet shouted out your name…

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and this poem is out of time

but WE
are not.

We got love for this city, everybody got a reason—
Every Day Denver Watching Clouds Change Seasons.