Molina Speaks and DJ Icewater: Live Mixtape Show Vol 1, November 15, 2014

Live Mixtape Show w/ DJ Icewater Vol 1 – Nov 15, 2014: Molina Speaks birthday party at Dryer Plug Studios.  Molina Speaks and DJ Icewater performed the forthcoming Sex Money Ego album live in full for the first time.  They were joined onstage by artists Ill Se7en, Bianca Mikahn, Mike Wird, Pablo Kee, Laron Anon Coleman, musicians Randy Runyan, Zay Rios, and Lannie Shelton, and vocalist  Miss Tanya.  

Photos by Ric Urrutia. 

DJ Icewater at Molina Speaks bday party 2014Molina Speaks and Zay Rios - Sex Money EgoMolina Speaks and Miss Tanya

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Salmon Run 2013

Messages come to me when I travel.  If you talk to to strangers, you probably feel the same.  My definition of “strangers” is not limited to humans. 

I came upon a salmon run today just east of Portland.  I did not go in search of this experience.  If I tried to explain to you everything I have seen in the past two weeks, you probably would not believe me.  I will limit my commentary to the salmon.

I saw dozens, perhaps hundreds of salmon, swimming upstream, pushing against the currents, to lay their eggs and spawn new life.  They have returned to the place of their birth, perhaps the exact place of their birth, after years and hundreds of miles swimming back and forth to the pacific ocean.   Most of them will die after they lay their eggs.  They will be eaten by bears, birds of prey, fisherman, and other predators. 

Brutal.  Beautiful—A final act of selfless love and redemption.  We live to die, and we die to live.  We will die many times in this life, to remember how to live. 

Salmon Run

Edges of Earth

Wandering the edges of earth not long ago, going nowhere in particular, skipping over cracks in history, I stumbled upon that flower we have often spoken of.   That “Rose”, proving nature’s  laws wrong, learning to walk without feet… 

The ancients knew that before it could be, it must be


Here, we begin our journey. 


Photo by Molina Speaks