Bioneers 2015 Live Poetic Scribe

Intellectuals Interested in Post-Dystopian Post-Dichotomous Discussion, Discourse, and Dialogue to Determine a Different Destiny for Interconnected Intersectional Intergenerational Humanity and Harmony…
…this is actually an abbreviated title of this poetic reflection (jaja) – a live scribe piece derived from panels, workshops, lectures and conversations at the Bioneers Conference at CU Boulder on October 24th.  There was a call and response audience participation portion which has been left out of this transcribing (appropriate for this medium of translation). 

[Bioneers is a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges]

I concluded Saturday’s conference proceedings with some poetry, spoken word, and live scribe musings. 

(read on…)


Intellectuals Interested in Post-Dystopian Post-Dichotomous Discussion, Discourse, and Dialogue to Determine a Different Destiny for Interconnected Intersectional Intergenerational Humanity and Harmony

“Make a chair for the Earth,” she said
What say you, my intellectual friends?

Come one, come all, thought leaders and systems thinkers
Gather round in confluence
to deconstruct
the compartmentalization
of invisible structures
to restore the “unity”
within “community,”
a long process
of synergisms.

Washington, it was said
is an artificially dead mountaintop–
a trickle down story for the WHOs
filled with artificial public space
for the sole purpose of spending money.

“We cannot afford to change,” the Wal-Mart shoppers say.
“All our money goes to Babylon.”
While over here
where the personal is political
the advocates of change think in micro numbers.

We need to think Bigger! And Bigger!! And Bigger!!!

(while we simultaneously slow down, to breathe)

in this dog eat dog
eat man eat woman eat children
business of birth and death
counting numbers into digits
counting digits into statistics—
said “work” in exchange
for credits to stay cloud commuting
amidst the “living”(?)

speaking of a plan to plan the plan
that we will implement as our plan
to make the other plan fail
so our plan will succeed, you dig?
We need to plan a meeting first
to set the planning meeting
to plan the next steps to integrate the plan.
We will call it El Plan de Boulder
and we will plan a party around it?

Shall we begin?
Have we truly begun? 

It is a thin line
between Cursive and Chaos,
between Calligraphy and Collapse.
We are
closer to the end, and thus
closer to the beginning
of Time

(in these new times that feel like old times that feel like…)

True, we do not know what we do not know.
if you try to rhyme with nature
others will try to rhyme with you
and thus we will all be more connected.
All this boils down to one thing:

“Artists have done a great job of learning from the scientists,” he said
Maybe it is time for the scientists to learn a thing or two from the artists?

We need to make space
to laugh
to Be.

(Simple Science”)
(“Body Wisdom”)

(and “Economic Wisdom”):
a triple bottom line business mentality
towards Right Livelihood
(in descending order)
2. Planet
3. Profit

(all for the nourishment of People and Planet).

It is time again
to live
as if
this city was built for us
as if
there was something more to all of this
than us…

Interesting times (to try to rhyme)

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About Molina Speaks

Molina Speaks is a writer, poet, hip-hop artist, and event producer. Molina is the Performance Director and a Lead Instructor for Youth On Record. He is a TedX fellow and has been an Artist In Residence with the National Hispanic Heritage Center, Mizel Museum, Journey Through Our Heritage and Noel Community Arts School. He has worked on National Endowment for the Arts projects and has accepted invitations to speak and perform and dozens of universities, including Columbia University, University of California at Davis, UT Austin, CU Boulder, and the University of New Mexico. Molina Speaks has taught master artist classes at Boston Arts Academy and Colorado Academy. He has collaborated with the Denver Spirituals Project and was recognized as a keynote poet for Denver's Lalo Delgado Poetry Festival. Molina is the music supervisor for the documentary film Papers. He is a member of the Cafe Cultura artist collective. Molina has released over a dozen poetic and musical works, which have been recognized and critically acclaimed by the Denver Post, 5280 Magazine, Westword, Colorado Music Buzz and other publications.

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