Ten Reasons I’m Unfamous

Dope intro track to #GreenChileInTheAir Vol 3 by Diles and Anacron.

A couple lines I like from this unapologetically unfamous track:

Ya like “don’t forget us when you blow up” / Then you forget my shows and never show up…

We don’t do hype we don’t do trends, we don’t / feel like the means should bend for ends and we / kept the friends that actually notice / instead of dissin’ em for yes men that practically blow us…

There are some other gems on the project too:  Jungle One is a lyrical Beast.

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Ten Reasons I’m Unfamous:

1. I don’t do enough drugs.
2. I don’t kiss enough ass.
3. I’d rather eat the fancy food at the fancy party than act fancy.
4. I don’t smile enough at rich people.
5. I don’t have enough outbursts.
6. I don’t like having my ass kissed.
7. I like everyday people too much to play paparrazi in the sandbox.
8. I don’t wear enough clothes.
9. I wear too much clothes.
10. I’m an Artist. I will properly wait til’ I’m dead for that.



Green Chile In The Air Vol 3